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"Your Total Sales Order Processing to Merchandising Platform"
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Features and Benefits

SNIMPS has features that provides a more time and cost efficient benefits from Sales order to Inventory Management and Promo Planning


Outstanding user experience and it's Responsive

Ease of use is important to any system so we created an Excellent, Intuitive user interface
Detects devices’ orientation , size and adapts the layout for users’ easy viewing.

Sales Ordering

Accelerate the order processing cash cycle

Increase order accuracy

Eliminates 99% of processing errors

Makes every order visible in real time.

Greener and Paperless

Give your staff back the time they need to focus on what really matters

Inventory Management and Promo Planning

Business Intelligence

The system provides and transforms raw data into useful, most comprehensive and integrated information for business analysis.


Take the guesswork out and determine which products should be promoted at what price and at which outlet, area or region.

Avoid out-of-stocks

identify which SKU's are nearly expiring and improve your sales in modern trade.

Customizable Periodic Reports

Ease of use is important to any system so we created an Excellent, Intuitive user interface

Coordinator, Merchandizer, Products , Outlet and Inventory Management.

The system provides and transforms raw data into useful, most comprehensive and integrated information for business analysis.

Effective Promo Plan System

You can also plan numerous promotions at any given time.


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Coordinator Management


Merchandiser Management


Outlet Management





Sales Order Automation Process

  • Receive

    Purchase Order

    Received customer orders are automatically routed to the correct CSR based on key order information, including: company name, distribution channel, product line, geography and more.

  • Extract / Encode

    Extract / Encode

    Sales Order

    The solution finds and extracts all relevant purchase order data from the received document and creates the corresponding sales order in the ERP system.

  • validate


    Sales Order Validation
    Authorization Code of Purchasing Officer

    Automatically detects exceptions such as order quantity, packaging, shipping address or conditions. CSRs only have to verify that the extracted information is accurate, or, if needed, complete what is missing.

  • Submit

    For Sales invoicing
    Summarized Order Data
    Customized content formatting (excel/pdf/xml)

  • archive


    Securely store order data on cloud storage

    Accurate order data is integrated in the ERP system while a copy of the original is attached and available to any authorized user when needed.

  • Analytics


    Track order history over time

    Orders are visible at every step of processing so that you always know where they are, and allows you to run reports to monitor and measure process efficiency.

  • Done!

Inventory and Promo Plan Process

  • Merchandisers

    Offtake Report

    Merchandisers enter their offtake report in SNIMPS

  • Extract / Encode



    Generates Summary Report
    Account Management
    Inventory Management
    Outlet and Product Management

  • validate

    Distributor and Marketers

    Review Reports

    Distributors and Marketers could pull up information anytime in SNIMPS

The Sevenworks Team

Sevenworks Inc.was established in 2006 as a Web Technology Company. In a short span of time, we have aided hundreds of business partners to expand their market online. Since then, we have evolved to Digital Marketing and Software Engineering, aiming to provide more ways to secure business growth and to make businesses accessible to a broader market. Through our advanced software engineering capabilities and producing state-of-the-art web technologies, we guarantee solutions and more profit for you!

Sevenworks Inc. developed SNIMPS, a merchandising system produced to assist brand and trade managers in monitoring and managing stocks with real time reports. SNIMPS aims to deliver optimum data for better business decision making and provide a total merchandising solution for FMCG/CPG (Fast Moving Consumer Goods / Consumer Packaged Group) industry.

"The success of your business is our objective.
Your growth is proof that vii truly works."

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